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1 03, 2021

Reasons To Install Metallic Epoxy Flooring


Several Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Metallic Epoxy Flooring You’re currently in the market for a new flooring system, and you want to learn more about all the available options. We understand how challenging it is to assess the many different flooring systems, and we want to help make the process a little easier. That’s why we want to discuss some of the most important reasons why should consider installing metallic epoxy flooring. We can assure you that the material will exceed all of your expectations, so let’s go ahead and get started! Reason #1 – [...]

Reasons To Install Metallic Epoxy Flooring2021-03-08T04:29:37-06:00
1 03, 2021

Epoxy Flooring Misconceptions


The Most Common Misconceptions About Epoxy Flooring Epoxy floor coatings are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and for many good reasons. They represent a significant upgrade from traditional concrete systems and they can prevent your floor from deteriorating and turning into a potential safety hazard. Epoxy flooring systems also require minimal maintenance, and they are incredibly affordable (considering the amount of value that they offer). In other words, epoxy installations are always a worthy investment. However, there are a lot of myths circulating out there that we want to dispel. These misconceptions are a big reason why homeowners are also [...]

Epoxy Flooring Misconceptions2021-03-08T04:27:03-06:00
1 03, 2021

Basement Epoxy Flooring


A Complete Guide To Installing Basement Epoxy Flooring You know that it’s time to replace the flooring system in your basement. The concrete material is deteriorating and getting worse by the day. After incurring a lot of damage, you realize that you need a flooring system that can remain in good condition for the foreseeable future. This is where basement epoxy flooring comes into play. What makes epoxy flooring so unique from some of the other options? We want to help explain why basements are the ideal application for epoxy flooring: What Is Epoxy Flooring? Epoxy enamels [...]

Basement Epoxy Flooring2021-03-08T04:23:56-06:00
1 03, 2021

Retail Epoxy Flooring Benefits


The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Installations for Retail Stores Retail stores and other commercial settings tend to experience a high amount of foot traffic. This means that people are tracking in all kinds of dirt and bacteria, creating an unsanitary situation for your customers and employees. You should always prioritize cleanliness and higher health standards for the benefit of everyone who enters your retail space. You also want to ensure that your store’s flooring system can remain in good condition after years of normal wear and tear. With that being said, you should consider installing an epoxy floor system. It [...]

Retail Epoxy Flooring Benefits2021-03-08T03:36:08-06:00
1 03, 2021

Types of Epoxy Flooring


What Are the Different Types of Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Residential Spaces? Choosing the right flooring for your commercial or residential space is never a simple task. You have a lot of different things to consider, and your options are a lot more numerous than you would imagine. Epoxy coatings and overlays have become the ideal flooring option for many home and business owners alike, and we want to explain a little more about what the material has to offer. The epoxy paint is comprised of a mixture of resins and hardeners that combine to form a durable and [...]

Types of Epoxy Flooring2021-03-08T03:31:34-06:00