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Our company is excited to bring our epoxy and epoxy flooring services to the gorgeous city of Hamilton, Montana! Hamilton plays the role of trade hub for many small farms, orchards, and ranches scattered throughout the valley. The Famous Daly Mansion that dates back to the 1800s calls this city home. Not to mention, the Ravalli County Museum, listed in the National Register of Historic Buildings, offers locals and tourists a refined look at the rich history of this area! We’re thrilled to offer this vibrant community our services!

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    Epoxy flooring is the perfect way to update your home or business here in Hamilton, Montana, or the surrounding areas! From homes to businesses, we'll work with you from concept to finished product to ensure that your renovation turns out precisely how you want. With competitive pricing, superior craftsmanship, and friendly customer service, we bring you the best in epoxy flooring services!


    We Offer

    When you’re looking to upgrade your home or business in Hamilton, MT, our team is here to provide you with a full range of epoxy and epoxy flooring services to meet all your needs! Check out our various services below!

    Standard Epoxy Flooring: This epoxy flooring style is the most commonly installed epoxy floor we offer. Standard epoxy flooring comes in a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures that meet any design need! No matter if you’re looking for a simple, solid-color design or a more complex, multi-colored, and intricately patterned floor, we’ve got you covered.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring: One of the most unique flooring systems on the market today, metallic epoxy flooring offers a beautiful look that’s fully customizable. This epoxy flooring type is made by mixing metallic pigments into the epoxy resin during the installation process to give the floor a beautiful shimmering look. These pigments can be shaped to create attractive, one-of-a-kind patterns, such as colorful, shimmering swirls or designs that mimic natural scenes like glistening water, bubbling lava, or cloud-dotted skies.

    Decorative Flake Epoxy Flooring: If you need a floor with some texture and additional slip-resistance, decorative flake epoxy flooring is for you! These epoxy floors are created by applying a layer of acrylic chips over the epoxy primer and finishing it with a thin, clear epoxy topcoat. These decorative chips come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, varying from 1/16 to 1 inch.

    Garage Floor Epoxy: We all know the garage takes the brunt of the wear and tear our homes face. That’s why they need a floor that can handle this abuse and still thrive! That’s where epoxy flooring comes in! Our garage floor epoxy is designed to beautify your garage while giving it a floor that can handle the daily foot and vehicle traffic, car-related chemicals, and impacts these spaces deal with.

    Epoxy Countertops: Our epoxy countertops are made to replicate the look of high-end countertop materials, such as granite, marble, and soapstone, for a much more affordable price! If you’re looking for something unique, we also offer custom epoxy countertops to bring your vision to life!

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    Hamilton, MT
    No matter if you’re looking for durable epoxy flooring to keep your business running or customizable epoxy floors to beautify your home, our team is here to help! Check where we offer services here in Hamilton, Montana!

    Residential Services: Our company offers a full range of epoxy and epoxy flooring services to residential clients here in Hamilton, MT. Our residential epoxy flooring is the perfect way to update your home with a more robust, more attractive flooring system! No matter if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or living room, update your garage, or finish your basement, we have an epoxy floor that will suit your house! With an endless array of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, you can make your dreams a reality with our residential epoxy floors!

    Commercial Services: As a business owner in Hamilton, MT, your building is exposed to all sorts of damaging factors, from constant foot traffic to heavy loads to spills and more! Our commercial epoxy flooring can handle all the needs of a bustling business without breaking a sweat! No matter what kind of business you manage, we have an epoxy floor that will benefit and complement it to keep your employees comfortable and customers coming back. Whether it’s your auto shop, retail store, restaurant, hotel, school, or any other commercial location, we’ve got the ideal solution for you! Keep your business running smoothly and looking beautiful with our commercial epoxy flooring.

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    The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring
    Epoxy flooring provides a wide range of benefits to support home and business owners in Hamilton, Montana, and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s your home or business, these benefits can save you time, effort, and money! Check out the different benefits epoxy flooring provides below:

    Ease of Maintenance: Maintaining a conventional flooring system can entail expensive cleaning products, labor-intensive maintenance routines, and time-consuming challenges. All of these factors can cut into your day and your wallet. Thanks to epoxy flooring, this can be avoided! These floors are fast and easy to maintain! With daily sweeping or dust mopping, weekly wet mopping with a pH-neutral floor cleaner, and spot mopping as spills happen, your floor will last for years to come!

    Sustainable Flooring: Our society is becoming more aware of the effects we have on our environment. That’s why we all strive to make more environmentally-friendly choices, even with our flooring! Epoxy flooring is a sustainable and eco-friendly flooring solution. These floors produce little to no waste during installation and last for decades, making them one of the most sustainable flooring choices on the market!

    Durability: When you need a floor that can handle abuse, epoxy flooring is the only choice. These floors can handle a wide range of damaging factors, from high impacts to heavy loads to abrasions to constant foot and vehicle traffic without sustaining significant damage.

    Customizability: Whether you’re designing your dream home or keeping your business up to date, you need a floor that you can customize to bring your visions to light. That’s where epoxy flooring shines! These floors are some of the most customizable floors on the market! When you choose epoxy flooring, you get an unlimited spectrum of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from!


    Resistance: Thanks to the seamless installation and non-permeable surface of epoxy flooring, these concrete coatings are resistant to various chemicals as well as water! No matter if your track in rainwater, snow, spill a drink, or chemicals like gasoline, oils, or bleach, epoxy flooring resists these substances to prevent damage and staining.

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