Three Reasons to Consider Installing Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Whether you own a home or run a business, you need to have a flooring system that can handle a lot of wear and tear that comes with daily use. Also, wouldn’t you prefer a new floor that has a professional-looking and decorative finish? If so, then you should install a metallic epoxy floor coating. We can guarantee that metallic epoxy will exceed all of your expectations and provide you with plenty of value for the money you spend.

Want to learn more about metallic epoxy flooring? We took the time to outline the three main reasons why you should consider installing a new flooring system today:

Reason 1 – Durability

Many people assume that the best benefit of installing metallic epoxy flooring is the unique and beautiful finish it produces. However, durability is what proves to be its finest feature. Metallic epoxy flooring can sustain a lot of wear and tear without undergoing any damage or deteriorating.

Metallic epoxy flooring effectively prevents damage in all forms. We often tend to drop heavy items or spill fluids onto the ground, which can compromise the material of your flooring. However, metallic epoxy forms a sturdy and durable overlay that is resistant to moisture, heat and chemicals. It also has incredible shock-absorbing capabilities and prevents abrasions from appearing on your floor.

This particular floor application is also ideal for businesses as well as manufacturing facilities. These are settings that experience a lot of daily activity and require a sturdy flooring system to handle everything that is going on. Installing a durable flooring system ultimately allows you to protect your bottom line.

  • Sturdy and indestructible surfaces
  • Better resistance to chemicals, including battery acid, gasoline and oil
  • Less damage that would normally occur due to regular wear and tear

Reason 2 – Visual Appeal

Metallic epoxy flooring produces an incredibly gorgeous and decorative finish – adding another element of beauty to your home or commercial facility. If you want to get creative with the design of your floor, then you can have a professional contractor provide you with different options when it comes to color schemes and textures. Metallic epoxy can also mimic the appearance of lava, clouds, and waves in the ocean.
To differentiate your flooring in terms of its appearance, you will certainly need to hire an epoxy floor installer. They possess all the tools, training and experience to implement the design of your choice. We usually recommend against undergoing any DIY projects if you require premium flooring services.

Metallic epoxy flooring will transform the aesthetic of your home or business:

  • Beautiful and decorative finishes
  • Customizable design options
  • More control over the appearance of your floor

Reason 3 – Less Maintenance, More Free Time

Carpeted and unprotected floors require a lot of care and attention just to keep them clean and looking fresh. However, metallic epoxy flooring offers hassle-free maintenance. That’s because it doesn’t require any special cleaning methods to keep everything in good condition. All you need are a dustpan, broom, mop and pH-neutral detergent. These are the most simplistic set of tools that you can find lying around in anyone’s home.

Why is it easy to maintain metallic epoxy flooring? Dirt, debris, bacteria and other contaminants won’t adhere to the epoxy overlay. This way you can pick any trash or clean up spills with plenty of ease and readiness.

  • Limit the effects of dirt, debris and bacteria on your concrete flooring
  • Make maintenance a lot simpler
  • Spend less time vacuuming and cleaning

Additional Information

We also want to discuss several other key benefits of metallic epoxy flooring. First, we want to mention that it is incredibly affordable to install. That’s because it doesn’t take a lot of time, labor and materials to produce the epoxy mixture and install it over your flooring. It is not as much of an involved process as installing hardwood floors or pouring concrete.

Metallic epoxy flooring is also incredibly cost-effective. How so? Overlays are always extremely long-lasting and durable – they won’t require a lot of repair work over long periods of time. Think about all the money you spend on fixing minor imperfections or defects. Metallic epoxy eliminates the need to have to repair your floor constantly.

Metallic epoxy flooring is also compatible with vehicles. You often find it in showrooms at dealerships because the floor can sustain the weight of the cars while also adding more visual appeal to the setting. Metallic epoxy flooring can support an incredible amount of weight without suffering any damage.


It goes without saying that you will benefit immensely from a metallic epoxy floor application. You get more durability, more visual appeal, and less responsibility when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Metallic epoxy overlays produce a glossy and pristine finish that looks good no matter where you install them. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call! One of our representatives can provide you with answers.