The Truth Behind Common Epoxy Flooring Myths

The Truth Behind Common Epoxy Flooring Myths

Epoxy flooring is a popular flooring solution that is making its way into homes and businesses across the country. This increase in popularity has led to remarkably creative floor designs seen more and more from this versatile flooring material!

As with anything gaining popularity, myths and misconceptions are sure to follow.

However, we’re here to dispel some of these common myths so that you can learn the truth about epoxy flooring. Continue reading to learn more!

Epoxy Flooring is Slippery

Now epoxy flooring may have a glossy finish that can look slicker than ice, but that doesn’t mean it really is. Epoxy flooring itself is no more slippery than most any other flooring material out there. Of course, it can become somewhat slippery when a spill occurs!

However, suppose your space is frequently exposed to spills and slick conditions. In that case, epoxy flooring has non-skid additives and textured options, such as decorative flake epoxy, that can help with this and make your floor even more slip-resistant!

Epoxy is just like Paint

One of the most common myths about epoxy flooring is that it’s similar to your everyday interior paint. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though. Paint doesn’t offer the same protection or longevity as an epoxy floor, among many other factors. Comparing paint to epoxy flooring is like comparing apples to oranges. There’s no point because they’re two entirely different products.

It’s true that epoxy paint does exist, but that’s a completely different product than epoxy flooring as well. Epoxy paint is simply a type of paint that incorporates epoxy resin in its mixture to create a more robust, longer-lasting paint. On the other hand, epoxy flooring is a viscous mixture of epoxy resin and hardener chemicals to create a thick, hard surface to be used as a floor rather than a “floor coating.”

Epoxy Flooring is an Expensive Option

Actually, epoxy flooring is one of the more affordable flooring options available today! Many traditional flooring materials, such as hardwood and ceramic tile, can reach prices as high as $25 per square foot or more! This is especially true in instances of custom flooring using hardwood or tile.

Epoxy flooring is always customizable, regardless of the style you choose, from standard to metallic to decorative flake. Customizing epoxy flooring doesn’t affect the price nearly as much as customizing conventional flooring systems. You can expect to pay around $3 to $12 per square foot with epoxy flooring on average, depending on the epoxy style, pattern complexity, and room size.

Epoxy Flooring has to be Reapplied Every Year

Another common misconception about epoxy flooring that couldn’t be further from the truth is that it needs reapplication annually. The reason behind this myth is DIY epoxy flooring kits commonly found at Big Box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

These do-it-yourself kits don’t last nearly as long as the professional-grade epoxy we’re discussing. When an epoxy floor is installed by a professional and properly maintained, it can last for 25 years or more before needing recoating!

When it does become time to recoat your floor, reapplication is simple and should actually be faster than the original installation! Your contractor will merely grind the floor’s outer layer down to ensure proper adhesion and apply the new coat. With a quick and easy update, you’re all set for years to come!

Final Thoughts

Epoxy flooring is a highly versatile flooring solution that may have some ugly rumors floating around it, but hopefully, you know the truth now! Epoxy flooring is not slippery, similar to paint, overly expensive, and doesn’t need annual reapplication. Despite these myths, this beautiful flooring system is one of the most beneficial floors available!